Tuesday, September 10, 2013

to Cinamon with love

You appeared out of nowhere
unexpected unseen
you just crept up and infested within me
why?.. if you had no plans to stay

First day of med school-horrible!
but you were there at the end of day.
I missed home
but you wiped my tears.
I missed him
but you healed me.
why?... if you had no plans to stay

You are a dreamer
with the heart of a fighter
you are a soul saver
with the eyes of a goddess
you dreamt for me and you saved me
why?.. if you had no plans to stay

I was falling for you..yes it's true!
and I wanted you to understand
but 'stead you crept away
the same way you came
unexpected unseen
why?... you should've told me you weren't here to stay.

You were afraid- you still are
just let go
I beg you
you're worth it, every inch of you
I can show you
if you just let me
but you run
even before the race
why... I would've made you stay

no I don't understand
any of it
you taught me.. you led me.. into you
and I'm stuck
it's not your fault
I should've known you weren't here to stay
none of this wouldn't have happened

we'd still be friends.

p.s. to all my fellow ladies out there- never loose hope! Believe in love! But hey don't wait for your prince charming to come save you- save your self,  he'll get there on his own time and you'll be his superwoman! :))

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